Driver Wonders if He Saw a Ghost or a Robber

posted: 05/18/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A figure sitting in the lotus postion (cross-legged) in the middle of a road in Malaysia under cover of night. The footage was caught by a dashcam. See below:

It's pretty freaky and there is clearly something or someone there. If it is a ghost, it's a pretty clear sighting. Of course there are always skeptics. For them, this is not a ghost at all, but something much more sinister.

According to some, a scheme some bandits and robbers use on this stretch of road involves getting cars to stop and when they do, bombarding them with other people who then beat and rob them.

Either way, they saw something scary. And they were right to back out. I am still going with ghosts. The chills. They don't lie.

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[via: The Mirror]

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