Edgar Allan Poe Lived as he Died…Mysteriously

posted: 10/02/16
by: Kelly McClure

Although born in Boston in 1809 Edgar Allan Poe is closely associated with Baltimore since some of his most creative years were spent there. His most famous piece of writing is a lengthy poem published in 1845 called "The Raven" which starts with the line "once upon a midnight dreary,"--very much in keeping with the overall flair of his style as a person, and his style as a crafter of atmospherically gloomy tales.

Poe died at the young (although not for that time) age of 40 in 1849 from what some would consider mysterious causes. After traveling to Richmond to propose to his childhood love, a lady named Elmira who would have been his second wife, he returned to Baltimore and disappeared for several days. On October 3, 1849 he was found in a gutter (some versions of the story say park bench) wearing someone else's clothes. He was taken to the hospital where he died four days later.

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