Elijah Bond: The Businessman Who Patented the Ouija Board

posted: 01/09/17
by: Kelly McClure
The gravestone of Elijah Bond
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Wikimedia Commons

Elijah Bond, a businessman from Maryland, is a name you probably don't recognize, although he's responsible for having done a pretty memorable thing. In the late spring of 1890 he started making the boards and received the patent in 1891. He marketed the Ouija board to the public as a parlor game. During the first World War, Spiritualist Pearl Curran started popularizing the board for occult purposes, banking on people's desperate need to connect with their lost loved ones.

Bond invented and patented other notable things in his lifetime, such as the steam boiler, but the Ouija board remains his claim to fame. He passed away at the age of 74 in 1921 and is buried beneath a gravestone made to look like a Ouija board in Baltimore's Green Mount Cemetery.

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