Couple Snaps Photo of Shadowy Ghost at Abandoned Castle

posted: 11/04/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Kidwelly Castle
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Kidwelly Castle

A shadowy figure caught on camera at Kidwelly Castle in Wales has one couple convinced they saw a ghost. The couple visited the famed site and snapped the photo as they were leaving. In it, something dark and foreboding appears in the doorway.

The Castle is a known landmark in the area. Built around 1106 by Roger, Bishop of Salisbury, the Castle fell into decay around the mid 1400's. In 1927, it fell into government hands and has since become a tourist destination. It is a beautiful castle, with an authentic look that lacks in so many others in the area.

The ghost story associated with the Castle is as well-known as the building itself. There is a bridge somewhat near the Castle. Hundreds of years ago, a beautiful woman named Nest, daughter of Elvidir Dhu who owned Kidwelly Castle, fell in love with a young Norman knight. They would meet at the bridge near the Castle. One night he was ambushed by a hired assassin and killed before being tossed into the stream. His lover saw all this and threw herself on top of him. Ever since, her white spirit has haunted the bridge and screams when approached by humans.

Could the ghost seen on camera be her? Or perhaps her lover? It's a creepy mystery hundreds of years in the making. Check out the photo for yourself.

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[via: Express]