Five of the Best Haunted Airbnb Getaways

posted: 11/28/16
by: Kelly McClure

Whether you're traveling and in need of a unique place to stay for the night, or simply in search of a ghostly getaway, these haunted Airbnb rentals offer a perfect selection for those of you who don't mind sharing your vacation with a ghost.

1. Victorian Hospital Converted Flat

Once the site of the Bethnal Green Infirmary, this UK rental offers two bedrooms, one bathroom, 13ft ceilings, exposed brick, and a pretty good chance of there being paranormal activity during your stay. Aside from the building being a former infirmary where many people lived their final days, Bethnal is also home of the Bethnal Green tube station disaster of 1943 during which 173 people were killed seeking shelter during an air-raid.

2. The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston

This UK listing doesn't hem or haw when it comes to saying that, yes, it's extremely haunted. Offered here is a stay in a master bedroom that sleeps two (not counting the ghosts) in "Britain's most extraordinary home." The listing goes on to warn that the room contains unexplained smells and sounds and that it's "not for the faint hearted." Sleep tight!

3. Laura's Cottage

This quaint rental located in Savannah, GA is special for a couple of reasons. The historic cottage, built in 1799, was used in the filming of Robert Redford's film The Conspirator, and it's also a favorite stop for ghost hunters due to its frequency of paranormal activity. "I would highly recommend the walking ghost tour," A previous guest named Chelsea says in a review of her stay at the cottage. "It was a lot of fun and you'll find out why Laura's cottage is so haunted."

4. Parks-Bowman Mansion

It's no surprise that there is an Airbnb listing for a stay in a haunted bedroom in New Orleans. What IS surprising is that there's not more of them. Buzzfeed voted this third-floor room in a Garden District mansion one of the "Top Ten Haunted Airbnb Locations," and we're casting that vote as well! According to the listing a young girl, appearing to be from the 1890s, can often be seen floating through the room in a yellow dress. Children don't traditionally like sharing their stuff, so it's understandable why she'd be upset to have people rifling through her room.

5. The Manor

Voted the most mysterious house in Saint Paul, MN by the Pioneer Press, everything about this spooky looking castle-esque house just screams "I'm haunted as hell." Built in 1850 it was previously the site of a funeral home and hospital and there's a cemetery in the back garden because, of course there is.

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