Ghost Hunter Captured Image of the Infamous Black Monk

posted: 10/20/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

There have been films and stories about Number 30 East Drive in East Yorkshire, England for years. Haunted by the "Black Monk of Pontefract," the house doesn't look terrifying from the outside. But on the inside, it's a whole other story. And now a ghost hunter claims he has the best photo of the ghoul ever taken.

Back in the late 1960's and early 1970's, the home was the site of one of the most violent hauntings in all of Europe. The Black Monk of Pontefract (also referred to as The Pontefract Poltergeist) drove one family to the brink of insanity and forced them to flee their home in terror.

Ghost hunter Claire Cowell captured the image that looks a lot like a monk. She claims that her team had tested and retested within the house to make sure that nothing else could have possibly created the image that looks an awful lot like a monk in black robes, reaching out his hand.

Whether or not the image shows what she purports, it is a creepy tale that has persisted for decades. If this is the photographic evidence, then maybe the family once driven from this house can rest a little easier knowing people believe them now.

via: The Sun

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