Ghost Hunters Capture Photo of What They Believe Is the Ghost of a Mummy

posted: 04/19/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A team of ghost hunters have gone viral with a photo they claim is the spirit of a mummified woman showed up in photographs taken in an apparently haunted museum. Just last year the museum gift shop was the site of spirit activity.

Psychic investigators Silent Voices shared a video after visiting Torquay Museum in Devon, England, which is home to the mummified remains of an Egyptian child.

As they said on their Facebook page:

"The facial features are so clear and you can even make out the clothing and cupping hand bottom right. This image was not visible to the eye when taken! Image is now copyrighted and we are proud of our Ryan for capturing one of the best images we've ever seen!!!"

It's very hard to make out what they see but, they are the experts. If you believe, this is definitely one to see.

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[via: The Mirror]

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