Ghost of an Obscene Ape Haunts the Halls of an English Manor

posted: 08/18/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

An English countryside estate is haunted by an ape who can't stop touching himself. For eternity. And no, that is not a joke.

According to many, Athelhampton Hall in Dorset, near Dorchester, England is haunted by the spirit of an ape who wanders the halls laughing. And masturbating. If that sounds too ridiculous to be true, it's not. The house is considered one of the most haunted properties in all of England and couples actually want to get married there in the hopes that he will show up in their photos.

Did we mention this story is odd?

The home was built in the 15th century by the Martyn family whose crest featured an excited monkey sitting on a tree stump. Which may explain some things. The estate's motto was 'He who looks at Martyn's ape, Martyn's ape will look at him'.

The Martyn family did have a pet ape, according to legend. And when the daughter of the house was distraught over a break up, the monkey took to following her around to help her feel better. And when she took her own life, the ape starved to death beside her. A grisly end for a ghost many describe as friendly and jovial.

Of course, the ape is just the nice ghost on the property. Many say the home is haunted by six other human ghosts. They are reported to be far less "friendly" and welcoming.

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