Girl Playing Charlie, Charlie Gets Possessed

posted: 11/07/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Charlie Charlie Challenge
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Charlie Charlie Challenge
Yunshui via Wikimedia Commons

Charlie, Charlie is a freaky sleepover game, which may have had real consequences for one 12-year-old girl in Argentina. Allegedly, the girl's belly swelled up and her personality changed during a game at a sleepover.

Milagros, 12, was reportedly left in a state of "possession" after she played the game that involves a cup and a table. The game is known as Charlie, Charlie, but also goes by other names as well.

The girl's family have tried to get local priests to perform an exorcism but have not managed to do so yet.

Other versions of this game involve a pencil or other items, but the idea is basically to summon a demon and it is a very popular challenge making its way around the Internet. For girls this age, it's the modern incarnation of games like "Bloody Mary" or even the Ouija. A way to freak kids out that sometimes has very real consequences. The future for Milagros is unclear, but I know I won't be letting my daughters play this game.

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[via: The Mirror]