Haunted Hotel Coronado Has a Thanksgiving Ghost Story

posted: 11/19/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California is as beautiful a hotel as exists in this country. Surrounded by beach and palm trees and sun and sand, the hotel has always attracted the rich and famous and wealthy. It has also attracted attention for something else: A Thanksgiving ghost story.

The hotel itself was built in 1888 on the beautiful island near San Diego Bay. Four years later, Kate Morgan checked in and never left.

The 24-year-old arrived on Thanksgiving Day, stayed for five days and then killed herself. At the time no one knew who she was. They called her the "beautiful stranger." Eventually they figured it out and uncovered a tragic love story. She was married, but was set to meet a lover. The lover never showed. And after five days of waiting, she took her own life.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

People had seen her on the train earlier. They said they saw her arguing with a man and they saw the man storm off. The whole story may never be known but the tragic ending lives on in the hotel's walls.

The guests who have seen her say they have experienced her gentle spirit on the third-floor guestroom where she was staying. Visitors say they have seen "flickering lights, a television that turns itself on and off, breezes coming from nowhere, inexplicable scents and sounds, items moving of their own accord, doors that randomly open and close, abrupt changes in room temperature, and unexplained footsteps and voices."

Additionally, paranormal researchers have been called in to investigate and have documented supernatural activity in using their infrared cameras, night vision goggles, radiation sensors, toxic-chemical indicators, microwave imaging systems, and high-frequency sound detectors.

There have also been Kate sightings in hotel hallways and along the seashore. Another very "active" area is the resort's gift shop. Items fly off the shelves. Literally. And yet they never break.

This is not an evil ghost. This is not a ghost with malice. It's just the sad story of a scorned woman who couldn't live without her love. More than 125 years later, her story is still told. It is still part of the Thanksgiving legend and for those who stay at the hotel, a stay is always built around the hope of a sighting.

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