Haunted Preston Castle Is Scary Just to Look At

posted: 11/30/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Preston Castle
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Preston Castle
Discovery Communications

Built in Ione, California in 1890 as the "Preston School of Industry," which was supposed to be a reform school for boys who broke the law, the Ione Castle is a popular tourist attraction that is said to be haunted by three major, very real ghosts.

The first is the spirit of a woman who was allegedly kicked to death by one of the boys in the school. Additionally, the living areas are home to "residual" haunts. They are not specific "ghosts," but rather a retention of energy--a recording of sorts--of bad things that happened in the space. The final ghosts come from the cemetery where the boys who died in the facility are buried. Visitors report hearing strange noises and feeling cold spots.

During Halloween, the building is an attraction and a "haunt." But it is haunted all year round, according to legend.

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers from Destination America's Ghost Asylum investigated the castle and went in search of the spirit of a young boy named Nicholas. Their investigation was documented in a virtual reality experience. Watch in 360 below or on the Discovery VR website.

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