Owner of Haunted Pub Furious After Man Claims He Stole the Ghost From Their Bathroom

posted: 09/01/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

File this under things you never thought you'd hear: the owner of a haunted pub in Bolton, England, is furious after a man has claimed he stole the infamous ghost from the pub's bathroom and is now displaying it in Manchester, England.

Lu Pingyuan traveled from Shanghai, China to capture the ghost of James Stanley, the latter of whom is best known for haunting Ye Olde Man and Scythe in Bolton.

Pingyuan is an artist and has now placed the ghost on display (in the container he caught it in) at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in Manchester.

Freaky, right?

He claims he followed the ghost into the bathroom and used a special incantation to trap him forever. Meanwhile, pub owner Richard Greenwood wants to see the ghost returned to his home.

The pub has a long history. Built in 1251, it is the fourth-oldest pub in Britain. The ghost is known to be the Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley whose family once owned the inn. He was beheaded in 1651 and has haunted the place ever since.

Decided to bring our ancient watering hole into the 21st century by joining Instagram. Hello all! #bolton #pub #ale #cider

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