Here’s What You Need To Know About The Roswell UFO Museum

posted: 08/27/16
by: Kelly McClure

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Roswell is a charming city in New Mexico that's known for its relaxing scenery, fantastic food, and for being the location of a supposed UFO crash in 1947 that made front-page news in the local paper. And, this UFO crash, is still big news to this day - not only in Roswell, but around the world.

After word spread about the crash national hysteria rose to such a degree that the event was eventually explained away as being merely a deflated weather balloon, but that explanation was widely believed to be part of a sweeping cover-up, or an element of a much larger conspiracy to keep the truth from the public. But, as the saying goes, "the truth is out there," and a great deal of it can be found at the Roswell UFO Museum.

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A visit to the museum, located at 114 North Main Street, will provide you with hours worth of photos from the scene of the crash, UFO and alien life-form replicas, government letters and documents about the crash and the investigations and possible cover-ups that followed. There's also a gift shop at the end where you can purchase a wide variety of books that go even deeper on the subject, allowing you to form your own conclusions.

In January 2016 an ex-soldier with first-hand knowledge of what really happened in Roswell in 1947 broke a 44-year silence to the press stating that not only he, but 500 other military personnel, can verify that the five-hour UFO event that took place in Roswell all those many years ago was definitely real, and that "it will haunt him until he dies."

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