Here’s Your Chance To Buy One of Britain’s Priciest Haunted Houses

posted: 03/13/17
by: Kelly McClure
Lymphoy House
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It seems that more and more listings for homes on the market are capitalizing on the fact that they are haunted. Where once this was a fact that realtors may find themselves wanting to keep secret from potential buyers, now--with a growing boon in love for all things paranormal, a built-in haunting has become a selling factor.

Lymphoy House, located in Currie, Scotland is currently being sold for 1.25million pounds (approximately $1.5mil) and is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a soldier's rejected wife, who died on the doorstep and now manifests as a solemn figure dressed in white, moping around the house. The second ghost is thought to be the trapped soul of a bagpiper who long ago attempted to travel via a hidden tunnel under the house and never made it out the other side. The property dates back to the 16th century and was, in its heyday, a place of leisure for Mary Queen of Scots and James VI.

What do you think? Does all this history (and paranormal activity) equal 1.25million pounds?

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