How Do the Occult and Paranormal Worlds Intersect?

posted: 11/21/16
by: Kelly McClure
Still life with alchemy paper, bottles and candles
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Mystic still life with alchemy paper, bottles and candles

A lot of different things can fall under the blanket term of "paranormal." At its surface, the word is defined as anything beyond the norm that defies common experience or scientific explanation. Those who study the paranormal often find interest in the occult as well, but what, if anything, does one have to do with the other?

The occult, simply put, is higher, applied knowledge of the paranormal. Occultists seek to better understand a spiritual reality that goes beyond reason and science. This brings things like magic, astrology, paganism, and Wicca into the mix. An occultist, in a sense, embraces the paranormal as a part of their daily lives not unlike a religion.

A few famous occultists throughout history whose names you may recognize are Aleister Crowley, Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes), and William Buehler Seabrook.

A common misconception about occultists is that they are Satan worshippers, but that's rarely the case. With anything there are exceptions, but for the most part occultists are intellectuals using alternative means to seek the truth to life's varied mysteries.

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