Salt Can Protect You From Evil and Make You Feel Calmer

posted: 03/19/17
by: Kelly McClure
Himalayan Salt Lamp
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For many different cultures, salt is used as a talisman for warding off unwelcome spirits. In Morocco believers in the paranormal sometimes wear tiny bits of sea-salt in amulets around their necks for this purpose. In parts of Germany it's believed that placing a few grains of salt in a milk pot will keep witches away from the milk. In Normandy it's sometimes believed that putting a bit of salt into whatever you use to store milk will protect the cow that it came from. And in present day America it's often a practice among those who are looking to keep spirits out of the home to place salt along the bottoms of doors and windows, which acts as a protective barrier between your home and anything paranormal that may want to enter it.

Regardless of the place, or culture, salt seems to be a tie that binds when it comes to protecting yourself against unwanted visitors from beyond, and not solely within the paranormal world. The Catholic religion sees salt that's been blessed by a priest as a sacrament, similar to holy water. But what makes salt, specifically, so special?

Salt is considered to have tremendous neutralizing properties that are useful to cleanse, heal, and balance energy. If you've ever owned a Himalayan salt lamp and noticed that the room the lamp is in seemed considerably calmer than the rest of your space, now you may know why. It is said that proximity to salt not only wards off spirits, but also helps keep the air clean, increases energy levels, and aides in a better sleep cycle.

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[via: Sacred Texts]

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