If You Ever Come Across A Dybbuk Box, Run

posted: 02/27/17
by: Kelly McClure

If you happened to catch the recent episode of Paranormal Lockdown where Nick and Katrina investigate Scutt Mansion in Joliet, Illinois, you may have heard mention of something called a Dybbuk Box. In the episode the box was used to trigger paranormal activity within the mansion and everyone present was warned not to touch it, and not to open it no matter what. But what is it, exactly?

Sometimes also spelled "dibbuk," the relic is said to contain the evil soul of a dead person that must be watched and guarded against possessing the living. In 2003 a man named Kevin Mannis bought a similar box from Ebay that once belonged to a Holocaust survivor. Curious as to what was inside he opened it and found a variety of strange things, including a lock of blonde hair. Not knowing what to do with the box he gifted it to his mother for her birthday and she suffered a stroke that same day. Several other boxes of this nature exist around the world and are all believed to also contain evil spirits and should not be touched or opened, so look out.

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[via: Monsters & Critics]

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