Incidents of Abuse at a Colorado Disabled Facility Are Being Blamed on the Paranormal

posted: 10/02/16
by: Kelly McClure
Depressed despaired young man sit on the floor
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Depressed despaired young man sit on the floor

Horrific incidents of abuse taking place at the Pueblo Regional Center in Colorado are being blamed on the paranormal. According to an investigative piece by the Denver Post, patients at the facility for the severely mentally disabled have been subjected to acts of cruelty such as being made to perform sexual acts in exchange for soft drinks, and being burned with blow dryers. Even more gruesome is the case of a group of men, all completely non-verbal, who had the words "die," and "kill" scratched into their skin while they were unable to cry out for help or do anything to defend themselves.

When questioned about the words scratched into their patients' skin three staff members of the facility blamed the event on paranormal activity. Some of them even took their insensitivity to the matter one step further by posting pictures of the scratches to their social media accounts.

"These are some of our most vulnerable people in Colorado," said Stephanie Garcia, executive director of The Arc in Pueblo, a nonprofit advocacy group for people with developmental disabilities. "To read some of the things going on, it's shocking.

Within the last eighteen months the staff at Pueblo Regional Center have been made to undergo "intense retraining" and their finances are being audited with a fine toothed comb. Medicaid and Medicare officials have insisted that the state revoke funds paid to the center from November 2014 through November 2015, which were the most intense months of reported abuse.

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