Investigators Are Closing in On The Ghost of Gwrych Castle

posted: 11/16/16
by: Kelly McClure
Gwrych Castle
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Gwrych Castle, located in Abergele on the north coast of Wales, has been the site of heavy paranormal activity ever since its caretakers began restoration work on the structure. At a loss for what to do, and not wanting to put a halt to their efforts, already long underway, the caretakers called in a team of paranormal investigators who, along with a few curious guests, conducted an extensive analysis of the castle to determine what, or who, was getting upset by the work being done.

When the team reached the rear of the castle during their investigation they began to pick up uneasy female vibrations and a medium on hand claimed that the name Emily kept coming up, along with a mental flash of her image, which makes sense considering Lady Emily Esther Ann Lygon, daughter of the 1st Earl of Beauchamp, was one of the first inhabitants of the castle when it was originally built between 1812 and 1822.

Dr Mark Baker, chairman of Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, produced a photo of Lady Emily and the investigators concluded that it was indeed her restless spirit that haunts the grounds, although no attempts to make contact with her directly were successful during that particular investigation.

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[via: Daily Post]