Is A Ghost Responsible For The Mysterious “Paulding Light” in Michigan?

posted: 09/08/16
by: Kelly McClure

For the past few handfuls of years people have been fascinated by an otherwise sleepy part of town in the upper peninsula of Michigan. There's now even a sign that indicates where you can best view the source of all this curiosity: The Paulding Light, a mysterious orb of light with no confirmed origin that peeks through the trees.

Theories on the light vary from being caused by the ghost of a railroad man who died on the job, or the ghost of a grandparent endlessly looking for a missing child, but in 2010 these theories may have been debunked. A Michigan Tech grad student named Jeremy Bos set out to scientifically determine the true origin of the light and concluded that it was coming from cars on a nearby highway, reflected in such a way to make it seem like it was coming out of nowhere.

What do you think? Was this investigation a cover up to stop tourists from invading this small town, or was he right?

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