Is a Movie Based on an Ed and Lorraine Warren Case Causing Actual Hauntings?

posted: 09/07/16
by: Kelly McClure
London June 21 2016 065 The Conjuring 2 (27210897023)

The Conjuring 2 is the second in a series of films based on real life paranormal investigations conducted by world-renowned ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sequel, which is based on The Enfield Case, revolves around a family in England experiencing ongoing poltergeist activity. As terrifying as the movie is to watch, following its digital/DVD/BluRay release stories have been emerging that indicate The Conjuring 2 may have a bit too lasting of an effect.

"We were just watching The Conjuring 2 and my family paused it while I went to my bedroom to change into my pajamas," says movie fan Joanne P. to Week in Weird. "As soon as I walked into my bedroom you could hear loud screaming. I thought they turned the TV up really loud in the living room but then realized it was coming through my bedroom TV speaker. There was nothing on my TV. My two sons, grandson and son's girlfriend all witnessed it. Needless to say we stopped watching the movie."

Another woman by the name of Nancy P. wrote in (to Week in Weird) to say the following:

"Strange things have started happening in my house after my husband and I watched The Conjuring 2. Everything was fine until the end of the movie when Lorraine says the name "Valak." As soon as she said the name our back door swung open and it sounded like someone came running into the house. When my husband went into the kitchen to check there was no one there. For the last three days we have heard knocking on our walls at night and the sound of someone walking up our stairs. I know it is because of that movie and we're already talking about calling a priest over for a blessing on the house. There is something wrong with that movie."

I don't know about you but this kinda makes me want to watch the film even more. Who cares about 3D and VR when you can manifest your own actual haunting?

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