Is Bee County, Texas The Latest Bigfoot Hot Spot?

posted: 12/12/16
by: Kelly McClure

Texas is known for being a larger than life place so it should come as no surprise that there have been 216 Bigfoot sightings there. The Bee County Bigfoot Research Group is currently investigating a possible new sighting and have been taking to the brush in an attempt to lure it out. Richard Rabe, a researcher for the group, claims to have had a first-hand sighting in the area near a creek bed, and although he wasn't able to snap a picture of it, he did produce an image of what he believes to be a Bigfoot cave at the scene.

According to local news source KIII-TV the first Bigfoot sighting in the area was in 1925. In the video above the members of the group discuss the incident.

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[via: Texas Monthly]