Is It Possible to Bridge the Divide Between This World and the Next?

posted: 09/28/16
by: Guest Post
Man on a jetty walking into the dense fog.
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Man on a jetty walking into the dense fog.

Imagine hundreds of ghost hunting enthusiasts, metaphysical light-workers, seasoned paranormal investigators, para-scientists and the supernatural curious coming together, from every corner of the world, at the very same moment, with the same purpose and the same conditions, calling out for communication to the other side. Would this collective consciousness bring about a greater understanding of what it's like on the "other side?" The Bridge, a one-of-a-kind paranormal experiment, will attempt to answer this question.

On National Ghost Hunting Day, when paranormal investigations in the US and abroad take place simultaneously, we will attempt to harness this collective energy towards a common purpose. Using specially designed experiments over the course of the two hour event, investigation groups will be guided through exercises that will bond them to each other and, it is hoped, create a harmony that will result in better evidence and deeper meaning.

The Bridge was designed and will be led by Brian J. Cano, a paranormal scientist and investigator on Destination America's Haunted Collector. His hope is that using the metaphysical process of collective consciousness a new way of communicating with the dead will be established.

All are invited to participate in this historic undertaking. This is not about a single individual, team or location. For two historic hours on October 1, 2016 we will all be on the same team, working towards a common goal...greater understanding of our world.

This post was contributed by the team behind National Ghost Hunting Day.

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