Is This Video Proof That Aliens Are Monitoring NASA’s International Space Station?

posted: 09/06/16
by: Kelly McClure

A video uploaded by Youtube user Streetcap1 may possibly have provided proof of two things: 1) that aliens do exist and 2) that they're very interested in keeping track of what NASA is doing.

The footage, which you can see above, is thought to have been compiled from a NASA live stream and it shows two unidentified flying objects hovering near a capsule that is used to provide supplies to the International Space Station.

"This is 100% proof that aliens do monitor the space station," UFO expert, and editor of the site UFO Sightings Daily, Scott Waring said in a quote to the press about the video.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, the video definitely shows something unusual near the capsule. What do you think? Are these UFOs?

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