Is UFO Activity Increasing In the UK?

posted: 10/07/16
by: Kelly McClure

A resident of Chesterfield, a borough of Derbyshire in the UK, claims to have caught what appears to be multiple UFOs flying in synchronicity on the night of September 27.

The video, which has over 12k views at the time of this posting, was put up on Wayne Austin's YouTube page and received several comments from a variety of skeptics and believers interested in getting to the bottom of what these lights in the sky actually were.

"I had just let my dogs out before I went to bed," nearby resident Fiona Jordan said in a quote to the Derbyshire Times about the incident. "There were about four in total. There was one above my neighbor's house and two or three over another neighbor's house ...We stood outside for about 20 minutes watching them. It was about 10pm."

The website UFO Sightings Daily, which logs sighting from all over the world, seems to indicate there there have been quite a few sightings in the UK just in this year alone.

"I have actually seen about 50 of these once with my family last year when walking home at midnight," said Scott C Waring, who runs the site.

Could it be that beings from another planet are taking a special interest in our friends over the pond?

[via Derbyshire Times, UFO Sightings Daily]

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