It’s Reading, Writing and Wraiths at These Five Haunted Houses of Education

posted: 08/30/16
by: Kelly McClure
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    Reading, Writing and Wraiths

    Summer is coming to an end and for a lot of people that means a reluctant return to the classroom. Approaching a new year of books, lectures, and tests can seem dull and daunting, but not if you go to one of the schools below. At these schools students aren’t just coming in contact with a new group of peers, they’ll be meeting some (hopefully) friendly new ghosts as well.

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    El Paso High School

    A long running history of being one of the most haunted schools in America lands this high school in El Paso, Texas at the top of the list. Reports of sealed off hallways, unknown goo-like substances dripping from the ceiling, and floating mist have become cemented in the school’s spooky reputation. A well-circulated 1985 class photo is thought to include the image of a girl who killed herself by jumping from a balcony at the school many years before the photo was taken.

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    Cathedral High School


    Welcome to the Graveyard.

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    You would think that, for as scenic and calm as California is, nothing too scary could possibly happen there. Cathedral High School, located in Los Angeles, is a reminder that ghost activity can happen anywhere, especially in a building that just so happens to have been built on top of the Old Calvary Cemetery. Headstones dug up from the ground around the school are prominently displayed around the football field, which seems like a good way to start some paranormal trouble if you ask me.

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    Pocatello High School

    The video above of a ghost roaming the halls messing with the lights of this Idaho school is a good start for understanding just how haunted this Idaho high school is. Six deaths are verified to have taken place on the property, one of them involving a suicide pact between two girls in the late 1940s. The pact was only carried through with by one girl, whose perfume is said to linger in the halls to this day.

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    Fordham University


    #NYCFC brought us to #FordhamUniversity tonight. #KeatingHall and a Beautiful campus in #TheBX. #Bronx #NYC #noFilter

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    Those brave enough to linger around Keating Hall on the Bronx campus of Fordham University are known, from time to time, to feel icy hands appear out of nowhere that grab them by their shoulders. There’s also supposedly the ghost of a blonde woman who sticks close to the shower room.

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    Ohio University


    Don't go in after dark... #wilsonhall #ohiouniversity #428

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    One of the most haunted universities in the USA, and the subject of several ghost hunting shows, is said to be positioned in the middle of a pentagram, the points of which are actual local cemeteries. Room 428 is particularly haunted following the death of a student there in the 1970s. It’s said that another student died years later in that very same room after practicing witchcraft, and the room has been taken out of use ever since.

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