Japanese ‘Ghost’ Accused of Flinging Poop and Pee at Woman’s Door

posted: 08/04/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

If you have ever seen The Ring or The Grudge or any number of terrifying Japanese horror movies, then you know the face. Pale, white, black rimmed eyes, and long black hair that covers the face. It's bad enough when those ghosts just kill their victims. But for one woman in China, a certain "Japanese ghost" has been doing her one worse - smearing feces and pee all over her front door.

This is one angry, spurned ghost.

The woman claims the case is a mistaken identity and that the "ghost" has also left notes accusing the woman of getting together with her husband and breaking up their family, calling her a "home wrecking mistress." But the victim refutes these claims and says the ghost is targeting the wrong woman.

The 'ghost' has been filmed arriving at the victim's front armed with plastic bags on its feet with poop in 'ready to smear' bags. The face is protected by an umbrella. After being targeted numerous times, the victim set up a camera and caught the "ghost" in action. Police believe the perpetrator is a man, not a woman.

Human or not, this is one creepy and cruel "ghost." Shiver.

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