Kreischer Mansion in Staten Island Is One of New York’s Most Haunted Spots

posted: 01/18/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

It sits abandoned just off Staten Island's Arthur Kill Road and looks every bit the picture of a haunted house. The Kreischer Mansion is a massive Victorian home that is said to be one of the most haunted places in all of New York. Thanks to its sordid history of murder and death, that reputation will likely continue.

Balthasar Kreischer emigrated to Staten Island in the mid-1800s from Germany. The town was soon known as Kreischerville thanks to the success of his brickwork business.

He and his family built side-by-side mansions on Kreischer Hill for two of his sons. Then the family fell on hard times. A year after the mansions were complete, the father died. Then the brick factory his children had inherited burned to the ground. Though the family tried to rebuild, they were never able to regain their success and one of the brothers committed suicide in the mansion that stands today.

Later the Kreischer Mansion was run as a restaurant front to the mafia. In 1998, Isaac Yomtovian bought the mansion with plans to renovate and sell, but in 2008, the caretaker Joe Black was revealed to be a hitman for the Bonnano crime family. He was charged for the brutal murder of a rival mob associate committed three years earlier on the property. Apparently he had killed a man, dismembered him and burned his remains in the basement furnace.

Today the Kreischer Mansion stands and is for sale for $2,000,000. Visitors report strange sounds and evidence of ghosts. Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators frequent the property and its creep factor is high.

In 2015 The Kreischer Mansion opened its gates to host an immersive Halloween event in collaboration with a number of Brooklyn based artists. It has also been featured in many films and TV shows. Its history is sordid and full of tragedy, some say the place is cursed. But the four acres and sprawling property still draw both interested sight seers and ghost hunters alike. It's the quintessential haunted house with a history that speaks to everything one might hope.

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