Los Feliz Murder Mansion Sells After Years of Sitting Empty

posted: 08/01/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
'Los Feliz Murder House'

For years, the home that came to be known as the Los Feliz Murder Mansion sat empty, a piece of prime Los Angeles real estate tainted by the horror story of its past. Back in 1959, the home at 2475 Glendower Place in Los Feliz was home to a grisly murder. Subsequent owners never moved in and it sat empty for decades, a sort of time capsule to the crime.

Now it has sold to Lisa Bloom, a TV commentator and daughter of Gloria Allred for $2 million. A steal in Los Angeles. Of course, what happens next is anybody's guess.

Built in 1925, the Spanish Revival Mansion was owned by Dr. Harold Perelson and his family. Sometime in the morning of December 6, 1959, Dr. Perelson killed his wife with one blow from a hammer. Later he went into his 18-year-old daughter's room and tried to do the same, but she woke and escaped. When her younger siblings woke, he told them they were "dreaming." No one knows why he did it, though some speculate financial problems may have contributed.

Since then, the home was sold, then inherited, but never occupied. No one knows why. Did they hear noises? Was there something that scared them off? We may never know. But the home was the stuff of legends, drawing thrill seekers every Halloween who claimed to see things inside that creeped them out. They described it as looking just the way it looked the day Perelson decided to kill his family.

What will happen with the new owners? Only time will tell. In the meantime, $2 million may seem like a deal. Until it isn't.

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