Loveland Frog Story Resurfaces Thanks to Pokemon Go

posted: 08/15/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A couple playing Pokemon Go claims to have seen an elusive amphibious looking creature that lives in a town just outside Cincinnati. Loveland, Ohio is another quiet Ohio suburb save for one major difference: It is home to a creature known to cryptozoologists as the Loveland Frog. And now a couple claims they have seen him again (see video above).

What do you see?

The history of the frog is rather odd. In 1955, a businessman claimed that he saw a strange, humanoid frogs that stood on two feet on the banks of the Little Miami River. They called it the Loveland Frog and the legend lived on in the hearts and minds of the people who live in that quiet region in Ohio.

Then, in 1972, a man claimed to have shot the creature, thus ending the obsession.

The legend has been resurrected now, though, thanks to the game that has so many wandering around after dark, taking photos and videos with their cell phones. Pokemon Go is a virtual game where players "catch" Pokemon using their phone's camera option in real time.

The original man who shot the Loveland Frog has come forward to say that what he actually shot was someone's pet iguana. It had grown to quite a large size and was missing a tail, thus making it unrecognizable. Though he is probably telling the truth, the video is enough to make anyone wonder. Maybe the shooter killed an iguana. But that doesn't mean the Loveland Frog isn't out there. Waiting.

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