Mayor of Arkansas Town Perplexed by Request for Bigfoot Records

posted: 06/09/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Fouke Monster Mural

A group in Arkansas called Muck Rock is demanding that a town release its records on Sasquatch or Bigfoot sightings so they can do research into it. Meanwhile, the mayor isn't finding it very funny at all.

Citing the Freedom of Information Act, the group requested any and all information about the Fouke Monster, AKA, "Southern sasquatch."

"I've never had a request like this. It's weird," Mayor Terry Purvis said. "I am literally speechless. The kicker is, by law I have to answer this. I will do my best and try to be professional in my response. I don't have anything for them. the Fouke Monster and Southern Sasquatch never visited downtown."

The creature was accused of attacking a local family and most sightings have been in the Jonesville, Ark area where people say it has attacked local livestock. Other sightings have been made several hundred miles to the north and the east of Fouke.

The group says they will not be using the information for commercial purposes. They just want to make it available to the general public. Will this solve the Bigfoot mystery once and for all? Let's not hold our breath.

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[via: Texarkana Gazette]

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