Mom Calls the Ghost that Dragged Her Baby Across the Floor ‘The Fat Controller’

posted: 05/03/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A ghost that ghost hunters are calling "The Fat Controller" (named for Thomas the Tank Engine) has British mom Kirsty Lee terrified.

The mother-of-one says her infant son was dragged across his bedroom floor by an invisible entity, and later was possessed by the same force.

"I was in bed and Kyran woke up hysterical and I said, 'He sounds possessed'," Kirsty told the local paper.

"I went into his room and he looked terrified so I brought him into my room. He basically stopped crying, looked up at us and another voice came from him and clear as day said 'I don't know' then started laughing."

The baby's grandfather David said he knew what was happening. "You can smell a spirit - spirits leave off a sweaty sock smell," he said.

At any rate, the mom was forced to call in the experts who held a s?ance to end the haunting. It worked. But the mother - and the whole family - is chilled to the bone.

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[via: GazetteLive]

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