Mom Feels Guilt About Ghost Girl She Abandoned

posted: 12/09/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Ghosts are terrifying and the ghosts of children are both scary and sad, but for one mom in England, she is haunted (pun intended) by the ghost girl she says she left behind after she moved from her old house to a new one.

Hannah Butler, 24, took a photo of the Hessle Foreshore woods in East Riding, Yorks, England in 2013. In the background, there appears to be a dark haired little girl in a white dress. Apparently the area is known for its haunts. Some people had seen the ghost of a little orphan girl there who is looking out to sea waiting for her daddy. The ghost girl is about five or six. So tragic.

Though, Butler moved away and had a child of her own, she took a ghost board back to the spot and tried to discern the spirit's intention. She is convinced it was friendly and says she feels as though she abandoned the child.

The image of a girl looking for her father for all eternity is as sad as it gets. Butler has left the area but says she will think about her forever.

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[via: Hull Daily Mail]