Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah Will Serve You Spirits with Your Beer

posted: 02/15/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A brewing company in Savannah, Georgia with a violent past and a history of paranormal encounters is a must-see on anyone's tour of haunted locations in the United States. The place has a resident ghost by the name of "Toby" who harasses customers and is known to push and shove and get violent over a pool game.

The Moon River Brewing Company started in 1999, but the building itself was built originally built in 1821 as the town's first hotel and post office. The City Hotel was considered upscale and fancy, but tensions between the North and South caused many brawls and violence since the hotel had many clients who came from up North. The hotel closed when Gen. Tecumseh Sherman led the Union Army through Georgia.

The building survived the Civil War and sat largely empty until 1999 when the Moon River Brewing Company bought and renovated it.

In 1832, the bar saw its first murder when a local doctor killed a man he fought with. Witnesses said he was provoked and he was acquitted since the victim was a man many in town disliked anyway.

Thirty years later, a man from New York City came to town looking for work. Since he was a Yankee, many in town decided to try to run him out. He refused to leave and was stripped and beaten. Though he lived, the violent act left an impression.

The pub boasts more than one ghost. In addition to "Toby," who pushes people around in the pool room, there is a glowing white spirit that lives upstairs. He is thought to be a hotel worker that died there in the 1800s.

Perhaps the scariest story of all happened in the 1990's during the renovation. As the crew went to the third floor to start the process, the foreman's wife was pushed down the staircase by something unseen. The foreman resigned immediately and the third floor remains untouched to this day.

The brewery looks like any hipster establishment judging from their social media, but the allure to meet and see the many ghosts behind the door is great. It's spirits and spirits. What more could you want?

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