Mysterious Ring Over Disneyland Has Everyone Crying ‘UFO’

posted: 07/25/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Alien Portal at Disney

A mysterious ring of black smoke that appeared over Disneyland in California inspired a frantic social media post and video that had many convinced they'd just seen their first UFO.

"No idea what this could be. Walking up Main Street at Disneyland, following the parade," Kyle Hawkins, who captured the video, wrote on his YouTube page. "Everyone around me starts looking up and pointing at this daunting black ring floating methodically above us."

Really freaky, right? And what better place to spot a UFO than in the land of happy people and imagination. Many imagined it was an alien portal, ala Stargate. Or perhaps it was an alien ship that left only a smoke ring around it? The possibilities were endless and fun to imagine.

Unfortunately, none of the theories represented the truth. It's not a portal. Or a sign of aliens.

The truth is, the ring is the result of the Color Show at Disney. It involves sending vortices of smoke up into the air and has been seen in other, similar shows at other parks and festivals.

The truth is out there. This just isn't it. Yet.