Nasa’s Satellite Feed Went Down Soon After a ‘UFO’ Came on Screen

posted: 07/25/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Conspiracy theorists went nuts on July 9 when a NASA feed showing the Earth's atmosphere suddenly went dark after an unidentified sphere entered the screen.

Many don't know that NASA streams live footage from the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth 16 times a day. And it's all peaceful. Until it isn't. See below:

What could it be?

Many on YouTube see a conspiracy. Though most agreed the grainy footage made it hard to tell whether it was a speck of dust, space junk or something more mysterious, it certainly made for a lively and funny debate. Most people agreed even if this isn't a UFO, that UFOs (and aliens) certainly must exist. How could we be alone in our universe. It makes no sense.

Whether or not this is the real deal depends on what you believe. But someday it will be. On that, most of us agree.