New Details Have Emerged Regarding the Mysterious Death of “The Exorcist Priest”

posted: 01/18/17
by: Kelly McClure
Malachi Martin Footstone 2011C

Malachi Martin, an Irish Catholic priest living in New York, is a name that might not ring a bell but if you've seen the movie The Exorcist, you know more about his life than you would have initially imagined. The 1973 horror classic features a priest played by the actor Max Von Sydo, who's said to be heavily inspired by Father Martin.

A researcher of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Martin's work was often of an archaeological nature that led him to travel a great deal throughout his life. One visit to Egypt towards the earlier part of his career would find him assisting in his first exorcism - an event that The Exorcist references. In 1963, after a history of disagreements between himself and the church, Father Martin asked to be released from his vows and moved to New York City where he worked odd jobs, continued with his studies and writings, and hired himself out as a private exorcist. He died in 1999 from what was believed to be simply a fall in his apartment in Manhattan but new details recently emerged that indicate there was much more to it.

Towards the end of his life Father Martin called upon his friend, CIA agent Robert Marrow, to drive him to his exorcism appointments. In a documentary called Hostage to the Devil Marrow tells the story of an exorcism Father Martin was intended to perform on a four-year-old girl in Connecticut. According to Marrow the girl approached Father Martin when he arrived to her home and an evil voice inside of her said "So you're Malachi Martin and you think you can help her?" Shortly after this exchange Father Martin suffered the fall in his apartment and it's now believed, evidenced further by Marrow's testimony in the new documentary, that an unseen evil force that attached to him after his final exorcism attempt actually pushed him to his death.

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[via: Daily Mail]