Old Spirit Photos Are Haunting Even Today

posted: 11/08/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Spirit photography was a very controversial practice that started back in the 1860s when photographers made attempts to "capture" images of ghosts and spirits on film. Speculation on how it worked was through the radiation of some sort on photosensitive film. It is less common now since photography has changed so much, though attempts are still made.

Back in the 1860's, photos worked when the photographer took a glass plate, coated it with a film of collodion (gun cotton dissolved in ether) containing iodide of potassium, and then sensitized it by dipping it into a bath of silver nitrate and then took the photograph while the plate was still wet. In a world where we can take thousands of photos with our phone, it's hard to imagine it, but back then every take was a wild experiment. Which made it the perfect time to try something so unique and haunting.

Is it real? Skeptics say no. But the evidence and remaining photos are stunning, terrifying, and memorable for their macabre style.

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