Paranormal Activity Almost Put An End To Granadaland’s Wrap Party

posted: 04/24/17
by: Kelly McClure

The Granada Studios (also referred to as Granadaland) are located in Manchester and, between the years 1956 to 2013, have held productions by some of the world's most talented entertainers, including serving as the set for the longest running serial drama, Coronation Street. Later this month the studios will re-open from April 28-30 to host a lavish event in celebration of the studio's history that will include performances by Take That, Oasis, and Lionel Richie ... but an uprise in paranormal activity almost crashed the party.

When rehearsals for the wrap party began performers started to report odd things happening. Strange noises and creepy sensations were attributed to an increase in paranormal activity in the building, most likely stirred up by the studio being inhabited after laying dormant for many years. Rather than risk having to cancel the party, an exorcist was called in to investigate.

"The Old Granada Studios is one of the most iconic venues in the country, and we want to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable before the event," Christopher Wandsworth, general manager of Granadaland said to press. "It's scary but also exciting to think that the studios we've spent so much time at preparing and rehearsing might actually be haunted."

Let's hope this gets taken care of before the party or Lionel Richie might actually be "Dancing on the Ceiling."

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