Paranormal Researchers Are Actually Pretty ‘Normal’

posted: 03/31/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Exploring ghosts, aliens, UFOs and cryptozoology used to be seen as a hobby for only the very strange. The stereotype was people wearing tinfoil hats, sitting in their mother's basement. All that has changed, says a new study that looked at people who go into the field of paranormal research.

"It's a very diverse group of people," said Simon Fraser University geography professor Paul Kingsbury, who is studying paranormal investigators and what motivates them to work in a field many don't believe in. "Their passion is very strong."

As part of his study, Kingsbury took part in eight ghost investigations, two UFO conferences and one Sasquatch hunt. He said the conferences function much like an academic forum where there is debate and as many skeptics attend as do true believers.

"There are keynote speakers, Q&As, break-out sessions, late night hotel lobby bar conversations about different theories," said Kingsbury. "These conferences are very much centers for teaching and learning. I'm interested, as a (cultural) geographer, how the conferences bring people together in these relatively small places."

With so many smart, seemingly normal people investigating claims of the paranormal, it's not hard to imagine the mainstreaming of the topics. When that happens, we may finally get to the bottom of some mysteries.

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