Paranormal Researchers May Have Discovered Alien Body Parts In Peru

posted: 01/11/17
by: Kelly McClure

What appears to be physical evidence of humanoid life on other planets has been discovered by paranormal researchers in Cusco, Peru. The evidence comes in the form of a three fingered hand and a small skull recovered by a group of friends while exploring a cave. Both specimens are now thought to have once been attached to an alien or other similar humanoid life form from another planet and are being examined by a team of investigators.

Brien Foerster, the paranormal researcher in charge of the case study, is keeping hush hush as to the exact location where the skull and hand were found as they attempt to get to the bottom of the situation. In response to claims that their findings are the result of a hoax Foerster says that after having the hand and skull put under X-ray analysis by doctors in Cusco it was found that the three fingers of the hand each had six bones, compared to a human finger - which only has three. He also added that both the skull and the hand were found to be comprised of genuine biological bone and skin tissue.

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[via: Inquisitr]