People Still Talk About Jeane Dixon’s Psychic Predictions

posted: 08/09/16
by: Kelly McClure
Close-up of spiritualistic seance
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Close-up of spiritualistic seance

The paranormal world lost one of their best when renowned psychic Jeane Dixon passed away from cardiac arrest in the winter of 1997. Having grown up in both Missouri and California, the daughter of German immigrants was known in her prime as being one of the most accurate psychics and astrologers in the field.

Although she made many predictions in her life that eventually came true, the one Jeane is most known for is that of predicting the death of John F. Kennedy. In 1956 she gave a quote to Parade Magazine saying that a Democratic president elected in 1960, who would be tall with thick brown hair and blue eyes, would die during his presidential term. She had specifically said that the cause of death would be assassination, but the magazine refused to print that part. JFK was shot and killed in 1963.

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