Video Claims to Capture Moment Biker’s Soul Left Her Body

posted: 10/07/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A tragedy with a biker in Thailand has possible major implications in the paranormal world. A young woman who died allegedly was photographed at the moment her soul left her body.

The collision, which was absolutely horrific, involved a car and a bike. The car hit the biker as he turned off of a busy highway. The biker was tragically thrown from the bike and gravely injured. As the truck driver approaches the body, a dark shape appears just above her on the CCTV.

Could it be her spirit leaving the body?

Many say it is impossible and say the release of the footage is disrespectful. But even they don't know the truth. No one does. These photos make us question, but they don't make the accident any less tragic. But maybe the idea of a life after death should be comforting rather than disrespectful. Maybe we can see that this young woman will live on instead of dying in the street.

The truth is, we just don't know what really happened. But the photos are convincing and this isn't the first time someone has captured an image of a soul supposedly leaving a body.

[via The Mirror]

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