Photo ‘Orbs’ Mean So Much More Than Camera Dust

posted: 12/01/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Orbs at Eastern State Penitentiary
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Orbs at Eastern State Penitentiary
Karen Tulina

If you have ever taken a photo that had a ball of light that wasn't there when you took the photo, then you have experienced an "orb." Maybe you thought it was dust or bad lighting or some other phenomena. But many say, it is actually something far more exciting. They say those orbs are spirits or ghosts.

They are often called photo globes or globules or balls of light. They show up in photos and surprise the person who took the photo who saw nothing of the kind when he or she set up the shot. But are they real? Are they actually spirits or ghosts? Experts are divided. Those who believe have long, scientific explanations and it's pretty compelling stuff. If we believe there is more to this world then what we see (and we do), then why not?

Have you ever had an orb in a photo?

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