Police in Wisconsin Train Their K9 Unit In A Haunted House

posted: 06/08/17
by: Kelly McClure

When you come across a police dog out and about in the world it's sometimes impossible to resist petting it, but that's a no-no. When these dogs are on the job as part of a K9 unit they're all business and focused on the task at hand with nerves of steel that not even treats or head pats can distract them from. The training that goes into them being able to do this is more intense than you would imagine and for the Racine Police Department in Wisconsin, it involves some unusual methods.

According to local news source WISN, the Racine K9 unit is taken to an abandoned haunted house complex in Mount Pleasant to desensitize to such things as loud noises, unpredictable situations, and flashing lights. If you've ever found yourself getting through a particularly scary haunted house and thought "man, if I could do that, I can do anything," then you understand how these brave dogs feel at the end of their training.

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[via: WISN]

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