Psychic Cat Sells for More Than Eighty Thousand Dollars

posted: 02/07/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Black cat in dark close-up
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Black cat in dark close-up

A psychic cat in Russia just sold to a witch for $5 million. This is not a joke.

Dmitry R, a man in Russia claims that the cat he inherited from his dead aunt could appear from behind locked doors and play mind games that forced him to go shopping in the middle of the night to buy its favorite food.

One day, a clairvoyant - or Siberian "witch" showed up on his doorstep from her home 2,800 miles away. She checked the cat out, declared it "supernatural" and paid him five million rubles for the animal.

Dmitry said he was glad to be rid of the cat who will now help the witch tell the future. What can she predict? Only time will tell. Although the cat already knows. If you're wondering what a psychic cat looks like, head to Express.

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[via: Express]