Reddit Delivers on Some Seriously Wild Ghost Stories

posted: 08/29/16
by: Kelly McClure

Most people have at least one ghost story they can tell, whether they're a believer of ghosts or not. Tales of unexplainable happenings are passed down from family members, co-workers, people you're dating, and you may even have a few of your own that you say "couldn't be real," but secretly suspect are very real. The internet, being the melting pot of odd and unusual info that it is, is filled with such stories. Here are a few of the strangest that we pulled from Reddit. (edited slightly for clarity and language. Click the titles to read the original posts.)

1. Was This All In My Head? by InaNutshell210

"I've had a lot of dreams about being surrounded in darkness for some reason. Anyways it was at 3AM - I wake up from a dream and my room was in darkness, but I remember clearly seeing a shadow figure looking at me where my door would be and I turned my lights on and it was gone. Could it have been that I was still in a sleepy state and imagined that?"

2. My House Is Haunted. I Have Footage Of An Orb. by Liamiscool16

"I am not religious and I have never been a firm believer of the paranormal since I was seven. Well I am sixteen now, and I am scared s***less. Now I moved into this house three years ago, and oddly enough I only had one experience all that time ago. I was in bed, ready to drift off to sleep. When I caught a glimpse of something I wish I could forget.

There was a girl in the corner. She had a white hospital gown, curly blonde hair down to her shoulders and blood all over her face. What made this worse is that she was smiling. I closed my eyes for around five minutes. I opened them again and she was on my f***ing bed.

The next paranormal events have taken place recently, ranging from stuff falling from my mothers book case for no reason, my cat staring into thin air and strange sounds at night, like a tapping in the walls.

Now this part is important, I make YouTube videos and I recorded a video reviewing paper for banter. I re-watched the video and to my horror, an orb travelled behind me and up the door.

Thanks to a commenter, I was notified to upload my video to YouTube. Here it is:"

3. I Think A Presence Started Pulling Me Out Of My Bed..... PLEASE HELP. by jay227ify

"OK sooooo.... This happened like five minutes ago. After I woke up naturally from a long night of sleep, I played with my phone for about an hour and I was too lazy to get the charger and it died on me... So I closed my eyes for about five minutes on my side facing the wall. Then I start hearing this scratching right next to my ear for about half of the time and then this enormous sense of dread, panic, anxiety, fear, came over me and I started feeling this tingling sensation all over my body followed by goosebumps. And I wanted to turn around because it felt as if something was there but I just couldn't.... It felt like I was numb, I also started seeing these black vein like structures in my head, kind of like tree roots.

It felt like the presence wasn't very nice and trust me, I could feel it but I also feel like it was trying to contact me. I'm still tingling everywhere.... Can someone explain this?"

4. Personal Ghost Story by Anonz55

"I swear this is a true story. This isn't a scary story or anything it's just a story of what I think was a ghost, or at least what people see and think are ghosts. One time I was driving with my aunt to her house and I was in the passenger seat. I was nine or 10 years old and I was looking out the window which was open and I saw a ghost. It was all white with no outline or shapes or colors in it. Just a white, dim, see-through shape. The only color it had was very slightly around where the "face" would be. It just floated next to the car as we drove down the street. It floated at the exact same speed as the car even when we would stop or slow down or turn it was in the exact same position in my sight. I looked at this for like five minutes straight. I thought at least 10 times "I should tell auntie and see if she can see the ghost too," but for some reason I was calm, uninterested, I was aware that I would regret that I didn't tell her to witness it but I just didn't care to show her for some reason.

This was the only time I ever experienced anything like this and the even stranger thing is that I don't really believe in ghosts like how everyone else does. It's a very strange situation. One time I read this guy woke up and saw a ghost and he looked the ghost right in the face and thought to himself, "I don't have time for this, I have work tomorrow" and went back to sleep like it was normal. I believed him because I wasn't scared or surprised when I saw it. I ended up getting bored at looking at it and looked away."

5. Ghost watching me on the toilet. by 12drichardson

This happened when I was 14 years old. My parents were out having dinner and my sister was away, so it was just me in the house (except two gerbils... which I don't think did this). It was around 5PM in winter, which is very dark where I live. I had some tea and needed to go to the toilet. I decided to go to the one that faced my stairs as it was the nearest and let's just say my bladder wouldn't hold in for the extra six second walk.

I was just minding my own business when the door creaked open, which was strange considering I had closed it. I once again closed the door and all was fine... for about a minute. It creaked open again and this time I opened it completely as I was the only one in the house and it would be annoying to keep closing it. That is when I saw it, in the darkness (I had no need for the upstairs light to be on) I saw a ghostly, pale figure just outside my parent's room which is opposite, it stared at me for about 10 seconds and then disappeared. I had no clue what the f*** had happened except that something was watching me s**t."

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