Robert the Doll is About to Ruin Your Day

posted: 11/14/16
by: Kelly McClure
Robert the Doll
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Robert the Doll
Cayobo via Wikimedia Commons

Posts along these lines don't normally start off in the first person but I need to warn you about something. Once you look into the black, soulless eyes of Robert the Doll (whose story you're about to read) your day, and possibly your week, will be ruined.

A one-of-a-kind doll handmade by the Steiff Company of Germany near the turn of the century, Robert belonged to a boy named Robert Eugene Otto, who went by the name Gene. It's said that Gene, and his family, paid so much attention to Robert the Doll that it began to take on a life of its own. Whenever the doll's child companion would get into trouble an attempt to avoid punishment was made by blaming the transgression on the doll, and that transference of energy from person to object may have manifested something the family was then unable to un-do.

For the remainder of his life Gene maintained his odd fixation with the doll, even as his career blossomed into that of a very successful artist. When he passed away in 1974, stories started to emerge about the now lonely Robert the Doll being heard giggling, moving locations when no one was looking, and creating phantom footsteps throughout the home.

In 1974 the Otto home was sold to a woman named Myrtle Reuter, who "adopted" Robert the Doll and took him with her when she relocated again six years later. After living with the doll for a long time the novelty of his lifelike behavior wore off and began to scare her. She donated the doll to the Fort East Martello Museum (where he still resides) and then died--some say mysteriously--a few months later.

Robert the doll cause bad luck to almost or all people that take a photograph of him would you take a picture of him?

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