Scientist Says Crop Circles Are Alien Messages About Our Future

posted: 03/23/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Crop circles
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Long considered a hoax, one scientist in California is claiming that crop circles are anything but. In fact, he says, they are messages from other planets.

Crop circles are strange formations that show up in field of crops on big farms. They look almost like a giant depression that can only be seen by flying over the area. They are mysterious and over the years have appeared in countries all over the world. They have also been widely debunked as a "hoax." But for Dr. Horace Drew, a respected and known PhD in chemistry from Caltech in Pasadena, crop circles are real.

He said mankind is not advanced enough to understand the complex messages - some which show "images of the future."

He claims that these civilizations are so far ahead of us, we are practically like animals to them. If he's right, it could change everything.

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[via: Express]

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