Scientists Believe There’s a Paranormal Dimension

posted: 02/24/17
by: Kelly McClure
A woman in deep thought
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Albert Einstein, and many physicists who have conducted studies after him, have found that human beings are only able to perceive three dimensions out of the four (some scientists claim upwards of eleven) out there. Recently Bernard Carr, a professor of mathematics and astronomy at Queen Mary University in London has concluded that among those dimensions is a paranormal realm that our brains sometimes tune in to.

During a talk Mr. Carr gave during a Euro-PA conference he explained that if a person can think about a thing, it exists.

"Since the only non-physical entities in the Universe of which we have any experience are mental ones," Carr said in a quote to press about his findings, "and since the existence of paranormal phenomena suggests that mental entities have to exist in some sort of space ... this has profound consequences for physics, psychology, parapsychology and philosophy."

Pretty mind blowing stuff.

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[via: Express]